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ZLP series suspended platform/ Gondola is designed and developed by our China Factory-Shen Xi, its a ideal equipment for building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance, its also popularly applied to elevator installation, shipbuilding and repairing, or in other works such as big sized tank, bridge, embankment and chimney. ZLP series versatile knok-down platforms provides workers safer, easier and more efficient platform acces. Equipped with advanced technology and admitted by ISO9001:2000 certificate, our factory design and produce various regular or special high working platform, suspended platform and lifting equipment according to your requirement. Since 1998 producing hoists, our company has a rapid but steady development. Compared with other equipment, our ZLP suspended platform has the advantages of reliable safety, easy installation, high effciency and small space. Owe to its unique design, our electric lifting equipment can be used in many complex environments such as high-rise buildings, working cinstruction,maintenace and painting

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shenxi gondola 2.png
shenxi gondola.png

Hoist is the most important part of powered suspended platform, Adopting international advanced cable-guiding system and with its main parts produced by machining center and numerically controlled machines,Our hoist has the charactiristics of superior quality, excellent appearance, low noise and long life. other thant supporting with suspended platforms, the hoist can be alson adopted for parallel traction, lifting and hanging in may industries


Safety lock is the essential part to ensure the safety when the suspended platform/gondola is operational on high rising structure. Our safety lock has excellent design and superior quality. There are two types of safety lock according to operation principal produced by our factory, which is lsb anti-tilting type safety lock and LSL centrifugal type safety lock.

When the platform is tilted within3-8 , the safety lock will automatically hold and lock the wire rope to stop the ongoing tilting and operator can adjust the level of the platform back to normal. When the working steel wire rope breaks and cut or in case the hoist is loose brake, the safety lock senses the dropping greatly helps to avoid accident and make the gondola safe to operate.

We use the top of the leading brands-"FASTEN"brand and"SAFETY"brand steel wire rope for our Suspended gondola , its tensile strength is more than 2260Mpa and Tension of rupture is more than 58.79KN, their stable performance and reliable quality improves and enhances the safety feature of our gondola




Suspension Mechanism /roof mounted bracket is installed on the top of the building and it is easy for installing. The height and the front beam overhang can be adjusted to adapt different kinds of building facades band roof structures. Front beam overhang is from 1.3m to 1.7m and adjustable height of the beam is between 1.44m and 2.14m. all steel beams adopts special high tension steel band we get is hot galvanized while all welding is enhanced, and other accessories likie rollers and U bolts we use the most endurable ones. The suspension mechanism can also be cusomized design made according to special conditions that customers may encounter



Parapet wall clamp is a special suspension mechanism which is applicable to installation of gondola in site with certain height and solid parapet wall. When the site has not enough space or too many obstacle to set up the roof mounted bracket with ver limited space, but there is solid concrete parapet wall, then parapet wall clamp will be a good solution for it .it can fit different parapet wall with thickness from 220mm to 460mm. Whole structure of parapet wall clamp adopts high tension steel and high tension welding, fasteners are grade 8.8 or 10.9, and its also eqipped with safety steel wire rope, when it is applied to the roof of the building, the  safety wire will be fastened to the roller at the back of parapet wall clamp , and the other end will be fastened to steady structure of the building roff, it's a safe and convenient device for gondola suspension mechanism


control panel 2.png

Oue electrical panel box is equipped with international and china national famous brand electrical components, and control system is very well designed and tested, Operation safety is assured with anti-leaking protection, phase relay and thermal relay protection ,automatic limit switch and alert bell for emergency. in the past a few decades, its proven to be stable and reliable enough, we still innovating it according to site feedback for better convenience and durability purpose


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