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SC series hoist is designed for vertical transportation driven with pinion gears and racks, it can be ap
plied to material and passengers vertical transportation of high rising building, high warehouse, port
hauling, cooling tower/chimney, etc. SC series hoist has two type– single cage and twin cage, take the
load capacity 2000kg for example, SC200 is the model for single cage and SC200/200 is the model for
twin cages. SC series hoist is safe and efficient vertical transportation equipment with reliable electrical
control and safe mechanical structures.


HQC hoist.png
Hoist Workshop 5.jpg

SC200 and SC200/200 are the most popular and practical model they are being used worldwide and they ca meet the requirement of the most contruction project


SCE series heavy duty type hoist was designed for special site with requirement for much heavier load
capacity and much bigger space inside the cage, its designed for transport passengers or oversized or
over weighted goods inside building. It can be applied to big facilities such as hospital, multi-floors ware
house, multi-floors car parking building, department stores, etc.
This series hoist adopts two pillar mast sections for one cage design, which makes the operation of the
cage very stable and smooth. More than 4 types of limiters were equipped to the hoist including up&
down limiters, 3 phase limiter, speed sensor-interlock limiter and anti-drop safety device, when it’s carry
ing passengers or luxury goods, there is no worries for any possible incident.

• The standard cage size is 3X2.5X5m, 5X4X3.2m, 3X3X2.4m, and we can produce customized size
according to client’s requirement according actual site need.
• The cage door design and materials is optional according to clients preference, the material of door
can be aluminum molded board, punched plate, figured aluminum or other available material.
• The mast section and tie-in design can be customized also to match the building condition, also the
surface treatment can be paint-spray or hot galvanization.
• For those key parts of the unit such as motors, reducers, inverter, it can be Chinese top brand or
imported from top brand supplier world wide according to client’s preference.
• HQC will provide complete foundation and installation service for the proper set-up of the unit.
• After-sale service is available here in the Philippines specially Metro manila area.
• As this series of hoist is special type not popular type, rental service for this model is not available
as of now.




Ordinary building hoist could not meet the requirement of
transport passengers and materials for some special build
ings with curved or inclined exteriors, such as cooling tower
of power plant, of which the building shaping a hyperbola
alone the tower wall.
To solve this problem, our Institute of Building Mechaniza
tion of China Academy of Building Research designed and
developed the first curved building hoist in China, the track
of this type of building hoist is in a curved shape which is
parallel to the building’s exterior. Our special technology—
floating leveling mechanism assures the hoist cage run over
a curve following the building exterior while itself will keep a
levelled position.
With multiple safety devices and mechanical anchoring de
vice, this type of building hoist could provide reliable and safe vertical transportation solution to those
building with special exterior.
This type of building hoist is also applied to big chimney, water tank, oil tank, huge bridges, and other



mini 4.png

The mini building hoist is a minor sized
vertical transportation equipment especial
ly for 3-4 passengers and small tools and
material with minor weight.
Its designed on the basis of mesh driving
principal of pinion and rack and mainly ap
plied in industrial and civil constructions,
big tower cranes, harbor machinery, tower
transmission tower, bridges, TV signal
towers, Telecom signal towers, chimney,
boilers, tunnels for service and mainte
nance personnel’s transportation or spare
parts’ hauling of the facilities.
Mini building hoist is normally applied to
super high structure or building, that’s why
it’s all structures adopts high-tension steel
and its equipped with multiple safety sen
sors, inter lock device and anti-drop de
vice. It’s a very ideal and reliable equip
ment for minor weighted passenger and
material transportation in special projects.

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